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Elif Gülin Soğuksu is a composer, sound artist and performer born in Istanbul and currently based in Den Haag. She holds her BA in composition and audio technology at Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department and now currently pursuing her MA at the Sonology Institute of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Her works cover a wide spectrum ranging from electroacoustic music, acoustic compositions for ensembles, sound design, sound art up to music production.


Her research is influenced by the notion of abstraction of the voice as a philosophical concept, she is mainly exploring the compositional use of voice in electroacoustic music, algorithmic composition, and live performance– currently developing a voice-controlled live electronics setup. Being interested in dynamic sound morphologies in electroacoustic music, her aim is to utilize the inherent sonic properties, gestural aspect of the abstracted vocal material to build a sonic form, organize sound movements, and to enable the performer to feel the control of the sound in time and space. 


During the pandemic, she co-founded the international all womxn collective It’s Us: Ophelia. They created their debut project; a digital theater experience; So, Count Mine and premiered in December 2020. 

She worked at sound art collective and project space Errant Sound as an intern in Berlin and she worked closely and individually with the members in different sound art projects, exhibitions and event series between July – October 2021. 

She participated as a resident to sound art residency programs; SomaRumor II and *Topia Festival where she collaboratively developed the work speaking thr-o-ugh together with her two colleagues which is presented in November 2021.

She was an intern at spæs Lab in Berlin in 2022.

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