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Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra (IBULOrk), is a computer-based ensemble with 4 musical instruments each consisting of a laptop computer and interfacing equipments It was founded by Tolga Tuzun in 2009 as the first laptop orchestra of Turkey. After a long time, it started to operate again in 2020 with its new members Can Memişoğulları, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Güneş Bozkır and Zeynep Oktar. The orchestra consists of four laptops, various controllers, software, and sensors. Members act simultaneously both as performers and composers. In the performances, the behavior of the sound in time and space is being analyzed and manipulated. This is a performance to create, explore, learn and experiment which assures its fluidity and uniqueness.

Lately, they conducted a workshop at Arter’s New and Newest Music Festival in 2021. 


photo credits: Emre Köktaş

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photo credits: Özde Karadağ


Arter New and Newest Music Festival

In this workshop which took place on the last day of the Arter New and Newest Music Festival, Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra (IBULOrk) provided a glimpse into the conceptual forms and preparation process of their semi-improvisational performances and the live interaction among orchestra members. Held by IBULOrk members Tunca Candaş, Can Memişoğulları, Zeynep Oktar, Kuntay Seferoğlu and Elif Gülin Soğuksu, the online event  addressed the structure of selected instruments, the methods employed by the orchestra to process sonic materials from various sound sources and the reciprocal performer-audience interaction.

ART 311&312 - Topography of Sound

IBULOrk examined the relationship between sound and topography through an interactive performance in their performances within the scope of the Topography of Sound project. While playing together in the workshop they will hold before the performance, they will tell about the elements they form and how they bring them together, in a way they will reveal the "Topography" of their own creation process. Aiming to see the output of this workshop in their performances, the group will create their forms in real time with the contribution of the participants in their performances and will make the audience have a say about the format of the performance.

HOOD Base Live Audiovisual Performance

Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra (IBULORK) was on the HOOD Base Instagram account with its first live performance since 2016.
Live visuals of Tolga Tüzün accompanied the sounds of Can Memişoğulları, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Kuntay Seferoğlu, Tunca Candaş and Zeynep Oktar.

Video: Emre Köktaş

15/03/2020 live at HOOD Base

Exhibiton "The Other Stories " Opening Performance at BILGI Energy Museum

The exhibition entitled ‘The Other Stories’ presented the works of 50 artists from different disciplines in painting, sculpture, photography, installation, drawing, video art, and performance. 

IBULORK performed in the opening of the exhibition on March 16, 2021 at Istanbul Bilgi University Energy Museum.

Interview with Hürriyet Cumhuriyet Gazetesi

Interview with BILGI Mag

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